Electric Fryer Double 13 Litre

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Electric Fryer Double 13 Litre

This large basket fryer is ideal for fish and other larger food products or bulk quantity items. The high power 3kw elements, stainless steel construction, fully adjustable thermostatic controls and energy efficiency make this one of the best fryers on the market today. This outstanding product cannot be matched for price or quality. It is easily cleaned with removable fryer bowls and head units.

Key product features include:

  • ·High power output (3kw per side)
  • ·Moulded 13amp UK plugs fitted
  • ·13 litre stainless steel tank
  • ·Fill capacity 9 litres each side
  • ·Variable temperature control 0 to 200°c
  • ·Thermostatically controlled energy efficiency as standard
  • ·Fish plate inside
  • ·Easy accessible limit stat
  • ·Removable heat head units for easy cleaning
  • ·Removable oil tanks
  • ·2 x Stainless steel lids
  • ·Folding and removable basket handles
  • ·Heavy duty long life baskets
  • ·CE approved
  • ·Machine size W 680mm x D 550mm x H 275mm
  • ·2 x Basket size W 23cm x D 27cm x H 13cm
  • ·Box size L 75cm  x W 52cm x H 33cm
  • ·240v/50hz 2 X 3KW
  • ·Boxed Weight  13kg
  • ·AFD-13S

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