Single Round Waffle Baker - Grill

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Single Round Waffle Baker - Grill

The Belgian waffle is a North American type of waffle identified by its larger size, lighter batter and higher grid pattern which forms deep pockets and has larger squares than the standard American waffle. In Belgium, there are a number of different types of waffle, including the Brussels waffle, the Liège waffle and the stroopwafel, though what is known in North America as the "Belgian waffle" does not exist in Belgium. It is somewhat similar to the Brussels waffle, but Brussels waffles are hard and crispy on the outside. As opposed to a traditional North American waffle

They are often eaten as a breakfast food; toppings vary from whipped cream, sugar, soft fruit, chocolate spread, to syrup and butter or margarine. Alternatively, they are served with vanilla ice cream and fresh fruit (such as strawberries) as a dessert



Produces 17cm diameter and 2cm in thickness waffle

13amp UK plug fitted

2 timer control

Variable temperature control

Cast Aluminium cooking bed

Power and heating indication neon’s

Thermostatically controlled energy efficient

Hygienic and easy clean body

CE approved

Machine Size w 250mm x d 380 mm x h 270mm

Carton box size w 300mm x d430mm x h 330mm

220-250v 1300watts

Product weight  7kg

Boxed weight  7.5kg

Model  ASRWB-1

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