Hot Dog Steamer - Cooker White

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Hot Dog Steamer - Cooker White

ACE Hot dog steamer with heated spikes is an ideal starting machine for moist hot dogs. It has 2 heated spikes for warming and toasting hot dog buns or baguettes. The steam allows the food to cook slowly and tenderly without burning, and leaving hot dogs juicy. Easy operation and easy clean. Great way to start a busy with little outlay and big profits

Features include:

  • Glass body steamer with stainless lid
  • 2 Heated spike warmer or bread
  • Wire cage for removing hot dogs
  • None greasy.
  • Easy clean
  • Thermostat with neon indication
  • Low power consumption
  • Dimension: 31 x 28 x 34cm H
  • Power: 450 Watts
  • Weight 4kg
  • 230V/50Hz
  • CE Approved
  • Model AHW-102

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