Integrated Single Sink ATS-1317L
Integrated Single Sink ATS-1317L

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Ace Lever Taps Ast-L

We have a selection of 3 types of tap that will fit any of our sink in our range, they are sold in pairs for hot and cold water, they are all metal taps and finished in high shine chrome. Easier to use with the lever on these taps

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Integrated Single Sink ATS-1317L

These sinks are Ideal for catering trailers and mobile outside catering units as they are made of stainless steel, they are also used in smaller establishments where space is at a premium. They are of a full stainless steel construction with 2 holes for taps and come with the full waste pipe and plug assembly. This model has 4 x 5cm long studded threats to hold the sink in place with fixing kit
Features include:

  • Single Bowl
  • Brush finished Stainless steel construction
  • 2 holes for taps 25mm, comes with plastic chromed covers
  • Sound proofing mat under
  • Strainer and plugs
  • All connections needed to go into a bucket or into the mains
  • Comes with fitting kit on 4 x 50mm threaded rods
  • Full seal kit supplied
  • Size 45cm x 33cm
  • Right bowl is 28 x 35 x 16cm deep
  • Boxed weight 4kg
  • Model ATS-1317L

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