Carvery Bain-Marie Deep Table Top
Carvery Bain-Marie Deep Table Top

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Carvery Bain-Marie Deep Table Top

An ideal table top carvery (bain-marie) working on dry heat. This is 2 machines models 1 x AHD4 and 1 x AHD-6 which come with a selection of different pans to suit your specific needs. Heated from beneath as well as offering halogens above to heat and illuminate the display for the customer. Designed by UK-based ACE Catering, it is one of the highest quality, cost-effective products around. It comes with 100mm deep pans as standard, but variations of the machine are available with different pan configurations. It is ideal for kitchen or front of house buffet use.

Key product features include:

  • ·Low energy usage less than 3kw each unit
  • ·2+3 halogen lamps  with 100 to 300 watts
  • ·Dry Heat large element in the bases
  • ·Moulded 13amp UK plugs fitted
  • ·2 Perspex sneeze (per machine) guards for both sides of the unit if required
  • ·Variable temperature control 0 to 85°c
  • ·Stainless steel body and pans
  • ·Thermostatically controlled energy efficient
  • ·We include 2 carvery spikes(but can be changed to you required pans)
  • ·This machine can take 100mm deep pans
  • ·Power and heating neon light indicators
  • ·Hygienic and easy to clean
  • ·CE approved
  • ·Machine size W 1210mm x D 690 mm x H 630mm
  • ·Box size L 1150cm W 75cm x H 31cm
  • ·240v/50hz 2.9kw & 2.6kw with 300 watt bulbs fitted
  • ·Boxed weight 34 kg
  • ·Model  AHD-6 + AHD-4 (2 Model AHD 100mm)

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