Wet Well Bain-Marie 6 x 1/3 Pan

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Wet Well Bain-Marie 6 x 1/3 Pan

Ace mixed pot and pan wet well bain-marie with 6 pans and a water valve to empty tank easy. Unique digital temperature display 0-99oC and adjustable temperature. This is able to boil water to keep products at the hottest temperature possible. The machine is constructed with stainless steel and removable tops for easy cleaning. Ideal for soups, gravy, kebab meat, vegetables etc

  • 6 x 1/3 x150mm deep gastronomes  5.7L or 10 pints
  • Low energy usage only 1.8kW - 1800watts
  • Digital temperature display
  • Water well to keep foods items more moist
  • Variable temperature control 0 to 110oC
  • Valve to empty water
  • Stainless steel body and pans
  • Power and mains neon light indicators
  • CE approved
  • Moulded 13amp UK plug fitted
  • 1 year manufactures warranty*
  • Ref model.  ABW-66-6G
  • Body Size W 680mm x D 620 mm x H 210mm
  • 220-240v 1800watts
  • ABW-66-6G

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