LPG Wet Well Bain-Marie with Glass Guard AGB-4G Mod 6

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LPG Wet Well Bain-Marie with Glass Guard AGB-4G Mod 6

·         Wet well water bain-marie

·         LPG bottle gas

·         Flame failure device

·         Adjustable temperature control

·         Double lined tank

·         Piezo ignition

·         Large powerful stainless steel burners

·         Removable glass sneeze guard top and front

·         Removable interchangeable pans and lids

·         Comes with 6 x 1/3 150mm deep gastronomes and lids

·         Removable flue used for fitting  into work surface

·         Stainless steel body and pans

·         Easy empty drainage ½ inch valve

·         CE approved

·         Machine Size W 1220mm x D 390mm x  H 350mm + 190mmglass height

·         LPG Propane gas 37mbar


·         Model  AGB-4G Mod 6

Ace luxury designed LPG gas Bain Marie with glass sneeze guard. Ideal for outside caterers or anyone who wishes to run equipment on LPG bottle gas. They also come with a safety glass front and top panel so customers cannot touch the food on show. These are water well so has water in the tank to keep the food more moist and even temperature in the pans. A ½ “drain valve is fitted on the rear making easy to empty the machines water when required. Machine is fitted with Piezo ignition and high power burners to get the water to temperature much quicker than most other models out on the UK market today. Available with varies sized pans to suit your needs. (See below) can take up to a maximum of 150mm deep Gastronome pans

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