Wet Well Bain Marie ABS-1 Mod 5
Wet Well Bain Marie ABS-1 Mod 5

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Wet Well Bain Marie ABS-1 Mod 5

Our new simple bain-marie can be used as a wet well bain-marie with a concealed element it will also work if you forget to fill with water. The machines are very robust and come with an industrial water vale for easy empting of the tank quickly. The machine is capable of holding various pan combinations up to 150mm deep. Our machines have a unique adjustable energy efficient thermostat   0-110oC temperature. Most manufactures use the 85oC thermostat which we find do not reach a high enough temperature when the bain-marie is full. Ideal for soups, gravy, kebab meat, vegetables, rice in fact any type of food needing keeping hot for your customers

  • Low energy usage only 1.2kW 1200watts
  • Comes with 1 x150mm deep 1/3 4 X150mm 1/6  gastronomes
  • Moulded 13amp UK plug fitted
  • Water well to keep some foods more moist
  • Variable temperature control 0 to 110oC
  • Heavy Duty Valve to empty water
  • Stainless steel body and pans
  • Power and mains neon light indicators
  • Thermostatically controlled energy efficient
  • Concealed element
  • CE approved
  • Size w 335mm x h 270 mm x d 540mm not including taps
  • Power  1200watts at 240volts  
  • Model  ABS-1 Mod 5

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