Wet Bain-Marie 6 Pan 150mm with Glass Guard #4
 Wet Bain-Marie 6 Pan 150mm with Glass Guard #4

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Wet Bain-Marie 6 Pan 150mm with Glass Guard #4

A large long wet well bain-marie that can be used in many applications. Maybe used for buffets, out-side catering, sandwich shops etc. Exclusively  designed by ACE  Bain Marie that is unique to Ace, and is unlike anything available on the UK market, with its handy slim depth of body which still allows you enough space to prepare . This bain-marie comes with interchanged pans and lids. Has a unique digital display, easy empty valve as standard in all sizes in this range.

  • Wet well water bain-marie
  • 2 x 150mm deep ½ gastronome pans and lids 9 litres or 15.8 pints each capacity
  • 4 x 150mm deep ¼ Gastronorm pans and lids 4 litres or 7 pints each capacity
  • Low energy usage only 1.5kW  1500watts
  • Moulded 13amp UK plug fitted
  • Double lined tank
  • Digital temperature read-out  gives an indication of water temperature
  • Variable temperature control 0 to 110oC
  • Removable glass sneeze guard top and front
  • Removable interchangeable pans and lids
  • Stainless steel body and pans
  • Easy empty drainage valve
  • CE approved
  • Machine Size W 1220mm x D 365mm x  H 330mm
  • Box Size W 1300mm x D 435mm x H 240mm
  • Boxed weight  25kg
  • 240v/50hz  1500watts
  • Model  ABW-4GD-mod4

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